Our Team

Paul Bateman
Principal - Sales

Paul is truly one of Real Estate’s extraordinary success stories. Throughout his career, he has constantly exceeded the expectations of… 

Nicole Dumbleton
Sales Associate

Nicole shares the teams’s passion for real estate and customer service. With experience in retail management, personalised fitness training, a… 

Denise Bateman
Principal - Property Management

Denise Bateman, co-owner of the All Adelaide City Edge office heads up a property management department like no other.  Full… 

Christopher Neal
Department Manager - Property Management

Christopher combines his fresh, energetic approach with immense enthusiasm and a positive attitude to get the job done, and to… 

Blake Hatton-Neal
Marketing & Communications Manager

It’s Blake’s enthusiastic approach and attention to detail that allows everything to function like clockwork. As Marketing & Communications Manager,… 

Blake Bryant
Sales Consultant

Blake Bryant offers a life of experience for people and service combined with his love for property to All Adelaide… 

Brijesh Mishra
Sales Consultant

To meet Brijesh is to meet someone you can trust; a genuine, dedicated and focused professional who will take great… 

Deep Solanki
Sales Associate

Matt Gryst
Sales Consultant

Matt is an award winning seasoned Real Estate Professional and Auctioneer with nearly a decade of experience creating successful results… 

Angela Prestwich
Trust Account Administrator

Angela brings over 28 years of real estate experience, where she has worked in a variety of departments including Property Management… 

Sally Pitman
Senior Property Manager

During a career defined by continuous service in real estate, Sally has consistently achieved success by remembering that really, it’s… 

Eliza Meakin
Property Manager

Eliza’s love and passion for real estate have evolved from her years of customer service experience. Passionate about creating the… 

Kylie DeBoer

Amanda Gleeson
Sales Trust Account Administrator