Our Team

Paul Bateman
Principal - Sales

Paul is truly one of Real Estate’s extraordinary success stories. Throughout his career, he has constantly exceeded the expectations of… 

Denise Bateman
Principal - Property Management

Denise Bateman, co-owner of the All Adelaide City Edge office heads up a property management department like no other.  Full… 

Shane Illman
Sales Manager

Shane has lived in the Eastern Suburbs for over 18 years now with his wife who has lived in the… 

Blake Bryant
Sales Consultant

Blake Bryant offers a life of experience for people and service combined with his love for property to All Adelaide… 

Magosia Waskowski
Sales Consultant

Over the past 14 years living and working in the North East, Magosia Waskowski has established a reputation as a… 

Deep Solanki
Sales Consultant

Jordan Cavallaro
Sales Associate

Ben Krieg
Sales Consultant

Ben’s country upbringing and extensive background having worked in Adelaide’s film industry has shaped him into the person he is… 

Ahmad Samandaryan
Sales Associate

Hailing from the northern suburbs, Ahmad brings a wealth of local knowledge and a deep-rooted passion for real estate to… 

Angela Prestwich
Trust Account Administrator

Angela brings over 28 years of real estate experience, where she has worked in a variety of departments including Property Management… 

Eliza Meakin
Senior Property Manager

Eliza’s love and passion for real estate have evolved from her years of customer service experience. Passionate about creating the… 

Lisa Kernot
Senior Property Manager

Low risk, high reward service that comes wholeheartedly recommended… With extensive property and management experience, it’s the penned testimonials from… 

Amanda Gleeson
Corporate Administrator - Sales