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Property Management

Meet Our General Manager - Property Management

Christopher combines his fresh, energetic approach with immense enthusiasm and a positive attitude to get the job done, and to do it well.  Focused and driven, he is devoted to the task at hand and has a reputation for honesty and an unfaltering work ethic, always providing a six star service to his clients.

Being a very ‘hands on’ property & business development manager has meant that Chris has extensive experience with key tasks such as new business in residential properties, information on long-term strategic goals, building key customer relationships, identifying business opportunities, negotiating & closing business deals, plus he maintains extensive knowledge of current market conditions…

Should issues arise, his calm & methodical approach ensures he resolves most issues personally, with a minimum of fuss & his constant communication with landlords ensures no sleep is lost and stress is kept to a minimum. Chris’ constant focus on exemplary customer service ensures that every task undertaken is designed to protect his client’s investment and help put them in a position to grow their portfolio further.


There is nothing he enjoys more than helping the first time investor grow an impressive portfolio of properties and build financial security for their future.

A real ‘people’ person Chris enjoys working with people from diverse backgrounds & has an uncanny knack for building rapport with almost anyone he meets; his extensive experience in the business development has enabled him to form strong connections with a number of businesses and government organizations putting him in an excellent position to negotiate favourable outcomes for his landlords on a daily basis.

A perfectionist by nature & highly competitive, Chris is always pushing himself to new heights in everything he undertakes and property management is certainly no different. For Chris, the client comes first, always. If you would prefer to have your properties cared for by an absolute professional whose aim is to maximize return and reduce stress, call Chris for an informal chat about how real management is done on 0433 745 133 or fill in the form below!

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