Want to get your maximum rent?

Want to get your maximum rent?

Make sure you’re getting_maximum rent Here’s just a few of our top tips

Before You Buy – Location

  1. Walking distance to cafés and recreational areas
  2. Walking distance to shops (or even corner shops for the essentials)
  3. Walking distance to transport.
  4. Try to avoid main roads – the added noise is a detractor for many people making properties on main roads inferior capital earners on the sale market and quite a bit harder to rent out as well.
  5. Orientation – which rooms face in which direction? As a rule of thumb, properties with living areas facing north or northeast are more desirable for tenants as they make best use of the morning and midday sun.
  6. Aesthetic surroundings – if neighbouring properties and streets are well-maintained and attractive, your property will benefit with higher rental return and stronger capital growth within a given suburb.

“A goal, without a plan, is just a wish”

After You Buy – Renovations/Improvements

  1. Fresh paint
  2. Fresh floor coverings
  3. Mini bathroom reno: new vanity, new shower screen (or add one if there isn’t one)
  4. Re-enamel the bathtub
  5. Add laundry taps to old units without laundries
  6. Change appliances to stainless steel
  7. New bench tops in the kitchen
  8. Clean, clean, clean
  9. Keep decor simple and neutral
  10. Add air-conditioning
  11. Fix cracks and chips
  12. Create an outdoor entertaining area
  13. Make the garden pretty
  14. Security screens and locks
  15. Ensure all appliances (ie: hot water system, air-con, heaters, oven, stove etc.) are in working order and replace any blown light globes as well.